Mercredi 01 juin 2011

Everyone who could become the demolition

Louis vuitton outlet As the saying goes, big flush of the Dragon King Temple, the family does not recognize a family. When the judge's house was forcibly removed, people refer to this sentence to mockery; current Letters and Visits Office Director's house was forcibly removed, people quote this sentence again to mockery; the house when the police were forcibly removed, the police called civilized law enforcement, but was Demolition workers beaten, and the other party threatened to "beat is police", people continue to quote these words to mockery ... ... until the business of the office was forcibly removed, people suddenly realized: They are not the original family, the flood under the Dragon King Temple like dust. According to "Dahe Bao" reported on May 31, May 28 at 4 pm, Puyang City, Henan Jingdong Services Market Development Center Lee led the charge more than 20 social workers and people without fixed duties, the use of forklift trucks, forklifts, etc. Large construction vehicles, Hualong District, Puyang Daqing, Gyeongnam both industrial and commercial office space implementation of the demolitions.

Louis vuitton purses After an hour or two to come to stop the director of Trade and Industry, the demolition work halfway, six were removed half of the office, all office supplies and business archives were moved out, and the loss of cash, clothes, some documents. Demolitions occurred in the late evening or early morning, people should be shell-shocked. Demolition workers sleepless nights, night and day are all leaders. Some people say, lend me three thousand urban management, enough to wipe out Earth. But in reality many of the demolition, were not chased, but the urban management of temporary employment, such as demolitions of Trade and Industry, there are "social Xianzarenyuan" participation.Later, the demolition of the who argued for their own Trade and Industry. Trade and Industry who thinks there is no demolition permit demolition, demolition by the Office does not think that 6 is the all industry and commerce, but the Puyang City Market Development Center's assets, the dissolution of their own houses, but also what the demolition permit it? Of course, even if it is their own room, midnight demolition, and is pretty rare.

Louis vuitton sunglasses The two sides at loggerheads, was referred to the police station, police Shuahua Tou, determined that "the demolition of two units of an economic dispute, not a jurisdiction." In fact, just the cash, to business lost by 4,000 yuan, to the theft of the filing standards. This is something new to say, down a little. Previously, victims of demolitions, there are many judges, police and other powers are, but it was the object of demolitions, it is their private property; now, it is a public industrial and commercial production, in 4:00, was destroyed by the demolition of those forklifts below. I see it, this is the first time. This is undoubtedly an extremely dangerous red warning signal. When the victims of demolitions only the people can be understood as a strong group and this is the struggle of vulnerable groups; when the families of the victims extended to doctoral students, judges, police, etc., can be understood as it is friendly fire, is a public power of the gun accidentally went fire.

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German drug cucumber, learning experience to see him as

Louis vuitton outlet Germany's drug cucumber incident of concern. Why so serious drug cucumber small, resulting in 14 deaths and infected about 1,000 people? Drug events and cucumber in Germany appears to be a mockery of the European Union countries, including Germany, the most attention to product quality, the quality of the food safety requirements and standards is the world’s highest. German drug cucumber events seem to occur to make our leather milk, lean meat, fruits and have much to choose between the comparisons drugs, but this is the most worrying. In fact, food safety in the world are the same, no one can escape the local and national, that the slightest carelessness, it may cause disaster. Therefore, rather than see a joke, might as well take a look at how Germany and the EU response to the drug intervention and cucumber incident, from which many useful lessons can be learned. For example, Germany's rapid response is the most worthy of the Chinese people to learn.

Louis vuitton bags Germany appears dead cucumber virus incident; the German health authorities immediately traced to the source of drug cucumber is from the Spanish province of Almeria and Malaga province two companies. Since then, the track's direction also point to some other countries, such as cucumber from the Netherlands and Denmark are also under investigation. This is due to the HACCP food safety systems, hazard analysis and critical control points. On food production, processing, manufacturing, preparation and consumption of such processes in the security monitoring, toxic or problems immediately find where a part of the food Chuxian, which take effective measures to reduce and control the further poisoning the foundation of cucumber. Germany's rapid response drug cucumber event also lies in the rapid identification of pathogens and to understand why an EHEC can cause so much harm. Münster University Hospital Institute of Health studies have shown that the disease is caused by a virus called Cucumber Husec41 the variant caused by EHEC.

Louis vuitton shoes This is a rare variant, resistant to many antibiotics, the patient with antibiotics so they will have greater toxic bacteria. This would explain why there are so many deaths, because antibiotic therapy with the past but will aggravate the disease, causing death. Meanwhile, the German research provides the drug in the etiology and pathology of cucumber terms of the event for more information. Münster University Hospital, Institute of Health Cashin pointed out, Husec41 42 is known EHEC in one, but after this variant is not anywhere in the world, had caused the epidemic, it is worth the world attention and take measures to prevent. Meanwhile, the Institute has begun testing the entire gene sequence of this pathogen in order to understand whether the danger from certain specific mutations. Germany's toxic response to the events of cucumber is also reflected in the rapid access to effective treatment quickly on. Husec41 caused by a thrombotic microangiopathy, there is no good treatment; use of antibiotics causes bacteria but greater toxicity.

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